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Just type the 3 service passwords according to keyboard layout, pressing ENTER key after each password, if typed correctly computer will show a code similar to picture.


3hqgo3“, “jqw534“, “0qww294e” <= US and German keyboards (QWERTY/QWERTZ)

3hago3“, “jaz534“, “0azz294e” <= French keyboards (AZERTY)


- Register on website with real informations
- Take picture of the code given to you on ur laptop screen
- upload it on live chat
- You will get the unlock code


Fujitsu, System Disabled 203c-d001-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx password (6×4 hex)

SKU: 4354679807978
  • Do not type anything until you have received the Unlock Key (password), as the Code will change every 3 incorrect passwords. At second incorrect password force computer shutdown and try again.

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