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Lenovo UNLOCK KEY HINT NUMBER password reset service:


Example code (from 1st listing picture) ->

Unlock Key Hint Number: [90326A26]



Just send us the UNLOCK KEY HINT NUMBER code (8-hex characters), and include a picture.


NOTE: A picture of code is necessary in order to prevent any time delay in case of a typing error.


With the password that you receive you will be able to gain access to Setup/BIOS options in your computer, you will be able to reconfigure and modify boot options, enable/disable hardware, among many other options inside Setup/BIOS.

As always, the computer manufacturer is your first best option.

Compatibility list:

ThinkPad 8 tablet

ThinkPad 10 tablet (Type 20C1, 20C3)

ThinkPad 10 tablet (Type 20E3, 20E4)

Other ....

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 10 tablet, UNLOCK KEY HINT NUMBER, Password / Unlock Key

SKU: 987654462324

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