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Take a Clear Picture of the iPhone Screen (where the infos) and Upload to live chat after Payment


Whitch owner info we need for permanent unlock:



  • New SIM Card (Unregistered+no PIN code + with internet)
  • Medical ID (Red Symbol on Emergency Call page)
  • Owner SIM card
  • Owner Email



—— insert the SIM to iPhone with iCloud and wait little, u ll feel a vibration, then a message will appear with Owner phone number or Email (That what we need)



—— if no data appears , means the phone is erased … what to do then ? …. get to emergency calls, and check if any symbol down screen, usually in red color, it is a MEDICAL INFO, that what we need …



—— check if the iPhone came with owner SIM card inside, if so get the number, that what we need …



—— if ur iPhone is Opened Menu, get to Apple ID, and take a picture of the email, that we need …



——if none of this, no permanent unlock is possible, but u can do BYPASS only if IOS not up 15

Lost iPhone -FRESH- (Never Tried for Unlock Before)

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