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Latest Ebook specialised on Macbook Repairs Late Models .. issues and how to fix ... T2 and M1

MacBook Power On Diagram
A1502 power on sequence diagram
A1706 power on sequence diagram
MacBook Fault Repair Method
Repair method for current stop after starting up
Repair method for fast fan speed
Repair method for green light failure
Repair method that automatically jumps to the update error interface
Repair method that doesn’t recognize the hard disk
Repair method Type C 5V without boosting 20V
Repair method without backlight
Repair method that can’t be used for Type C connector
Repair method that can’t be used with Touch Bar
Repair method that the trackpad and keyboard can’t be used
MacBook Classic Repair Case
A1990 cannot boot up with water damage
A1932 cannot boot up with a shorted issue
A1708 no sound from left loudspeaker
A1707 one of the USB-C port cannot be used
A1707 cannot display
A1534 2017 model cannot be turned on
A1534 USB-C cable can be recognized by only one side
A1708 5V does not boost 20V
A1708 cannot be turned on after water damaged
A1708 no backlight after water damage
iMac A1418 cannot be turned on
A1706 couldn’t bu turned on
A1706 couldn’t wake up when sleep mode
A1706 does not turn on at low current
A1706 standby is abnormal and does not turn on
MacBook A1465 2014 model WiFi issue
MacBook A1465 2014 model cannot be turned on
A1398 ring alert
A1466 2016 model current stayed at 0.126A
A1466 uses battery display power down
MacBook Common Fault Repair
T2 chip MacBook common fault
Stuck current common fault
Slow response when entering macOS system common fault
Repeated restart and power failure common fault
A1708 water enters the common fault of no backlight
Can’t wake up after sleep common fault
Three beeps when power on common fault
A1534 does not boot common fault
A1502 2015 model common fault
A1425 does not boot common fault

Master Liu - Lifting The Veil on Macbooks Repairs - 2021

SKU: 98786754

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