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We are happy to annouce a new service: Ransomware Decrypt !

as many of you, knows that they are 2 kinds of Ransomwares :  OFFLINE / ONLINE

Most of OFFLINE are decryptable by free Tools

But ONLINE, it is impossible, cause the data is uploaded to online server, not anymore on harddisk.

What is IMPOSSIBLE became possible now !!! we can succeed restoring your data from the server ...

We need from you to provide :

- 4 exemples of infected files (Choose type of file you are interested to recover)

- The hacker text file (.txt on C:)

ZIP and send the files to

- 20$ fee for 24h diagnostic


( we will respond if your case is (100% unlockable) and send you unlocked exemples as a proof), then you will need to pay for the full amount.



For Full Decrypt, we Need 5 days Maximum, you will get Decryptor Key to unlock all your files.





Ransomware Decrypt

وحدة SKU: 76567

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