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Certification: None
Origin: CN(Origin)
Type: LCD screen tester
Output Type: LCD screen tester
Model Number: Sixth Generation T-80S
Style: LCD screen tester

Sixth T-80S generation Laptop TV/LCD/LED TEST TOOL KIT SET LCD panel tester Support 7 -84 Inch LVDS interface 15/Screen line

IMPORTANT: Do not dismantle, after the demolition of the digital tube display 88 machine automatically locked, you can not use, do not disassemble the enclosure


Universal LVDS screen tester, integrated up to 100 kinds of screen parameters,
built-in factory-level professional test screen, perfect short circuit protection
design, is the market support for screen reference, the most compatible, the most simple
operation of a general test Instrument, almost support 5.6 inch -84 inch 98% LVDS screen,
and can support common small size LVDS interface vertical screen resolution test, such as: Google generation screen 800x1280


1.Easy to use, 100 kinds of LCD screen resolution
2.Bbuiltin LCD screen LED backlight constant current source, the default constant current 120mA, adaptive boost,the maximum boost voltage of 30V, support LED + / LED-positive and negative short-circuit protection alarm, 30V overvoltage protection
3.The most professional 15 kinds of built-in factory level professional LCD screen detection screen, very easy to detect all kinds of poor LCD screen;
4.100 kinds of resolution test procedures
5.The tester output interface with short circuit protection, each interface corresponds to a short circuit code, short circuit when
the buzzer will alarm, the power indicator will flash, the digital tube will show which interface short circuit code
6.Screen selection digital display digital display will automatically remember to support the digital tube and ten quick set
7.Through the button to switch the digital display of the corresponding resolution of the value, you can point screen

Sixth T-80S generation Laptop TV/LCD/LED TEST TOOL KIT SET LCD panel tester Sup

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